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BASIC: Introduction

Whether you have a working knowledge of porn addiction or this is the first article you have ever read, BASIC is for you.

In this series we hope to educate people about the dangers and problem of pornography, how addiction works, and how to break free from the addiction.

The topics that we will be looking at in this BASIC series are:

  • The Stats

  • Why do we have this problem?

  • Your brain on porn

  • The cycle of addiction

  • How to know if you are addicted

  • Not a victimless crime

  • Porn’s connection with sexual assault

  • Core Issue: Abandonment

  • Core Issue: Abuse

  • Core Issue: Shame

  • Intimacy is key

  • Accountability

  • A message to wives

I know this is a lot of topics but if there is something that you want to know specifically please let us know.

We have big plans for this site in the future and this is the first step in being able to help people that way we want to.

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