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Addicted women

Hey, so you’re finally able to admit it.  You are addicted to porn.  Let me first say – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We are so glad you have come to us.

We can help.

Believe it or not, by even coming to this website you have made it closer to recovery than most women ever will.  The realization that you are addicted is a huge step.  If you still aren’t sure about whether you are actually addicted, go here.

I know you probably feel horrible, disappointed, and like you have failed. You might be thinking that this is a “guy thing.”  How did I get here?  Like I said – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

There are thousands of women throughout the country that are also struggling with pornography addiction. That’s no excuse, of course. Just because something is common or ‘normal’, does not mean that it’s healthy or acceptable. This is the case with pornography. What matters is that you shouldn’t be isolated, and realizing that you are not the only one fighting this addiction is a way to release the power it has over you.

So what do you do?

  • Set up barriers: You need to do what you can to cut off your access to pornography.  This might include installing internet filters and accountability software on your computer and phone.  You might also need to change how you spend your free time.  Remember, the addiction loves it when you are alone and vulnerable so take this time while you are thinking rationally to take steps in closing off porn from your life.  Here is a list of recommended filters and accountability software.

  • Start your recovery: As you know by now, this porn problem will not go away on its own.  In order to have real success in overcoming your porn addiction you will need to take your recovery seriously.  We believe in a very organized type of accountability group that is outlined here.  Keep an eye out for our very own recovery program being released soon.  If you need help in setting up a group please email us, we have helped many in the past.

  • Write it down: Knowledge is very powerful and that could not be truer for when it comes to overcoming porn addiction.  Start a recovery journal!  It should include a weekly schedule detailing times when you were tempted and how you handled the temptation, whether you were victorious or you failed.  Also journal about your thoughts and feelings about your recovery.  Talk to God, set goals, note times or things that trigger your addiction.  Write it all down.

  • Talk to someone: I know that this is probably THE LAST thing you want to do, but you will just have to trust me on this one.  This addiction thrives and festers in the darkness, shed some light on it!  You will feel a million times better, especially if you have never told someone your story before.  Freedom from porn addiction lies in allowing people to see who you really are, find a good friend and spill your guts.

Contact us: We want to help!  Please contact us any time at We can tell you our stories and will listen to yours.  We can put together a plan to start your recovery and try to connect you with those in your community who can help you finally find freedom from your addiction.

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