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64% of CHRISTIAN MEN and 15% of CHRISTIAN WOMEN view porn at least once a month.


93% of BOYS and 62% of GIRLS are exposed to porn before the age of 18.


71% of TEENS hide what they do online from their parents.


55% of MARRIED MEN watch porn at least once a month.


1 in 5 CELL PHONE Google searches are for porn.



There are Christians all over this country who struggle with pornography addiction.  In many cases it has nothing to do with their Bible knowledge, amount of faith, or position in the church.  Because of its taboo nature in the church, they feel like they have nowhere to turn and I completely understand this.  Porn is a difficult subject to talk about. 


We want to help! 


If you fear that there are those within your congregation that are suffering from porn addiction please feel free to contact us about scheduling an Overcome Porn Seminar.  In this weekend-long seminar Chris will discuss what a porn addict looks like, the cycle of addiction, how porn addiction works, porn’s impact on society, and how we overcome a porn addiction. 


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