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The Wolf Trap

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In the arctic north, life is tough.

Everything in life is more difficult due to the snow and rugged terrain, and maybe that’s why animals grow so big up there. The moose are bigger, the bears are bigger, and so are the wolves. The largest wolves in recorded history prowl around in Alaska, Canada, and northern Asia. They stand almost three feet tall at the shoulder and can weigh up to 120lbs. They are pack hunters, and their prey almost never see the attack coming - and by then it’s too late. They have a bite force of 400 pounds per square inch (enough to snap bone in their mouths) and dagger-like fangs that puncture and rend flesh as though it’s paper.

In times past, and still to this day, a farmer or shepherd with a wolf problem is an incredibly dangerous situation. Not only for their livestock, but for themselves as well. But hunting wolves is tricky. They stick to the shadows, and you will rarely ever see them in the open. They must be lured out.

To kill a wolf, the Inuit shepherd or hunter will first take their hunting knife and hone the blade until it’s razor sharp. He then takes blood from another animal (typically a rabbit or caribou) and pours the blood on the knife and sets it outside the tent to freeze. He pours on more blood and freezes it again, continuing the process until he has a blood “popsicle,” of sorts. Next, he takes the knife to a place where wolves have been and he buries the handle in the frozen ground, so the blood-coated blade is sticking up – and then he leaves.

Under the cover of darkness, the wolf smells blood. It entices him; it lures him. When the wolf finds the blood popsicle, he starts licking; he can’t help himself. He’ll lick faster and faster, numbing his tongue. Because of the numbness, he doesn’t even notice when his tongue first hits that razor sharp blade. He continues to run it over the blade again and again, cutting his tongue to ribbons, but the taste of blood is still strong, so he keeps going.

The hunter comes back the next morning to find the wolf dead, next to the knife, its belly full of its own blood.

This is how porn traps us. It lures us with something that is tempting; a swimsuit model on Instagram, tight clothes at the gym, being alone with internet access. When we are in a moment of weakness, our curiosity gets the best of us, and we start indulging the passions of the flesh. It feels good at first, so we continue. We keep returning to that well of death and addiction, but what we don’t realize is that along the way we are numbing ourselves. Our conscience becomes so seared that the excuses come all too easily. The justification for using pornography becomes a part of our lives. We feel that we somehow deserve this indulgence of sin.

But the reality is that by coming back to that well, by continuing to lick that blood popsicle, we are killing ourselves. The cycle of addiction only goes downward, and as the lies begin to permeate through our lives, the damage begins to spread to our loved ones, our church, and our relationship with God.

This is the reality of porn addiction and why it’s so necessary to seek help.

Please let us know if we can help you or a loved one Overcome porn addiction today.


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