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4 Ways to Fight For Sexual Purity

Now that we are back to regular posting and getting the Porncast back up and running I thought it would be good to write a simple article about how to fight for sexual purity. These are things that we’ve talked about before but we all need a refresher now and then. This would be a perfect article to share with friends because you never know who might benefit. So here are four simple ways to fight for sexual purity.

  1. Remember this sin is idolatry

We are told by the media today that viewing pornography doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s just a simple act for yourself. Christians know differently, but may never have thought of this sin as idolatry. We know God’s stance on idolatry, the first two of the 10 Commandments talk about how much God despises it. He is a jealous God (Ex. 34:14). By viewing and acting out to porn you are bowing down before the altar of sex, lust, and selfishness. With our time, money, and attention we can worship false gods around us and porn is one of these gods.

  1. Don’t believe Satan’s lie of shame

Shame is viewing yourself or thinking of yourself as broken or worthless. After viewing pornography it is very common to feel remorse for what you just did. This remorse is a good thing. God gave us a conscience so that we would not continue to do things He does not want us to do. However this remorse can quickly become shame. Shame is not from God but from Satan. When you fall into the trap of shame you believe that no one could ever love you after doing what you’ve done. You believe that because of your sin you no longer hold any worth for a loved one or God. DON’T BELIEVE THIS. If you want to know how valuable you are to God just look at the cross.

  1. Install accountability software

Although software like Covenant Eyes and X3watch are not the end all for breaking the chains of porn addiction, they help out a lot! An important part of this is to put it on every piece of tech you own. You might say, “Oh, I would never look at porn on __________.” But when you get an urge you will try to find it by whatever means. So install it on everything in your house and if it can’t be installed on something then it might be wise to get rid of it or figure out how you can be accountable on it.

  1. Start an accountability group

This is why the accountability software is not the end all for porn addiction. If you don’t have someone to actually keep you accountable then the software loses its power. Group gives you an avenue to talk about your struggles without judgment and it empowers your partners to actually call you out when you might be tempted to lie. For most this is the scariest step but it is crucial for long term recovery. If you need help in setting up a group take a look at this previous article on setting up small groups.

I hope this short reminder helps. Nothing ground breaking here but again share this article and maybe someone who reads it can start getting the help they need.

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