September 9, 2019

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In the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 there are many lessons to be learned about standing up to our giants, about our faith in God, and about how you NEVER defy the Lord of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel.  Now besides being an incredible story...

September 4, 2019

- - - 

This past weekend Chris and I were privileged to speak at the TRU Conference in Norman, Oklahoma. Our mutual friend invited us to speak on the subject of pornography, its effects, and how we can go about fixing the problem (click here for the audio).

A lot of men...

April 18, 2019

- - - 

We all have habits, whether its biting your nails, your morning coffee, or doodling on the margins of your notebook.  There are things in our lives that have been woven into the fabric of who we are by repetition and time that most of us do these things without e...

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